The British School of Beijing’s leading school in a thriving expat community, BSB Shunyi is part of the Nord Anglia family of premium international schools.


With special attention to cultural awareness within our diverse school community and curriculum, our high-achieving students are empowered to develop their international outlooks – nurturing their sense of social responsibility and inclusivity.
作为一所包容性的国际学校, we provide an outstanding learning environment for our children that enables the growth of well-rounded characters. Our students’ diverse experiences and excellent academic outcomes prepare them to be leaders in our ever-changing world.


AG8电玩的个性化, 具有挑战性的, and academically stimulating learning environment leads our students to the world's best universities. Through data-driven assessments and personalised reporting, we measure how our students are exceling in their chosen subjects.

While all our students are either awarded the full IB diplomas or pass all the examinations each year, two out of three have scored high enough to qualify for the world’s top 100 universities. 在过去的两年里, two of our students have achieved a perfect score of 45 while others achieved a nearly perfect score of 44.

We follow the 英语 National Curriculum and IB Diploma Programme – widely recognised and globally respected – taught by our highly experienced and dedicated teachers who really show their lifelong love of learning.




由AG8电玩世界领先的教育专家创建, our internationally recognised curriculum reimagines education through six key educational pillars.
Due to our students’ top academic performances over the past 20 years, 包括剑桥在内的世界顶尖大学, 伦敦帝国理工学院, 纽约大学, and the University of Toronto – have opened their doors to our students.
Our students study the 英语 National Curriculum leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). We’re proud to stand by these fantastic international qualifications used by over 30,英国和海外的000所学校, 被全球顶尖大学认可.

Our academic results speak to our commitment to each student’s success: BSB Shunyi's average IB Diploma score of 37 is significantly higher than the global average of 33 – and confidently sets our students apart from those in other schools.

学生和老师的平均比例是11:1, our small class size ensures our students get the individual attention they need from our teachers to flourish 在教室内外. Our highly committed teachers know how to challenge them while giving the personalised support they need. 例如, we prepare our students for their international futures through our ‘英语 as an Additional Language’ (EAL) Department, furthering their 英语 沟通s skills – no matter their backgrounds or starting points. We also offer an impressive range of other global languages: German, 普通话, 法国, 朝鲜文, 以及IGCSE的西班牙语 & IB的水平.
Our outstanding teachers have a wealth of international teaching experience – and they make BSB Shunyi glow. That’s why both our academically accomplished students and teachers love it here, AG8电玩的老师待了很多年.
AG8电玩相信孩子在快乐的时候学得最好. Our 父母 believe their children have a good relationship with their teachers, and 95% agree their children have a quality education with us. 

优秀的老师能做到这一点. Our experienced national and international teaching team come with a wealth of experience both in the UK and overseas. All hold UK Qualified Teacher Status, or equivalent and many hold a master’s degree. They deliver high quality and personalised lessons to enable our students’ academic success. 

A rewarding structure enables rewarding results for the entire community. Our teachers and staff remain on our team for an average of five years, 许多人在AG8电玩身边待得更久. This continuity helps build a strong base of expertise, with many of our staff promoted to senior positions within our school. 
在顺义BSB, AG8电玩的老师很努力地拓展AG8电玩的学生, 帮助他们培养创造力和适应力, 在教室内外. 与他们的学术成就齐头并进, our students develop their characters through social and personal skills.
We give our students the tools and skills to succeed through transformational experiences. Many activities – from our collaborations with world-leading organisations like The Juilliard School, 联合国儿童基金会, 和麻省理工学院的在线学习平台, NAE 全球校园 – develop our students’ international perspectives and give them unparalleled opportunities.

AG8电玩顺义BSB的学生非常活跃. We offer over 300 co-curricular activities that develop their leadership, 沟通, 团队合作能力. We also encourage service-learning across all age groups – setting up our students to make meaningful change through local outreach programmes like fundraising or volunteering for causes they truly care about. 例如, we partner with the charity Dew Drops Little Flower to provide care to orphaned and abandoned children who have critical medical needs. 

在AG8电玩所有的活动中, 无论如何, our students' safety and wellbeing throughout their learning experiences are our number one priority. Our in-house staff and external specialists are always on hand to provide a full range of support.
AG8电玩的学生有改变世界的力量. From our environmentally and socially conscious activities to our engaged Student Council in the community, AG8电玩的学生正在发挥他们的创造力, 弹性, 以及公民身份,在他们周围做出积极的改变.
加上AG8电玩先进的课程, 致力于全球意识, and many efforts to develop our students’ social entrepreneurship, BSB Shunyi is leading in social purpose in the communities surrounding us – locally, 在中国, 在全世界. Our engaged students deliver over 2,500 volunteer hours per term for local and global causes.

特别是受到CAS(创造力,活动)的激励 & 服务)组成部分的IB文凭, 社会企业家精神是AG8电玩课程的核心, as we challenge our students invent solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. BSB Shunyi’s Eco-Committee – well known in our school for building an effective recycling programme long before it was enforced by the local government – enthusiastically works to ensure our school is environmentally conscious and sustainable, 各个年龄段的学生都参与其中.

此外, 每年, we participate in and lead both local and global Model United Nations, 每周举办模联俱乐部,每年举办英国模联. Our active 联合国儿童基金会 programme also challenges our students to think about how they can make a difference to support the UN Sustainable Development 2030 agenda. 
当你加入顺义BSB时, you become part of an engaged community of local students and 父母 as well as the global Nord Anglia family of students, 父母, 有成就的校友.
With over 40 annual community events and parent workshops at BSB Shunyi, we have amble opportunities to make connections in our lively social and educational environment. Our international parent community of over 60 nationalities welcomes all our families with open arms. We arrange many activities to bring our families together – to make friends, 建立联系, 加强AG8电玩的家校合作关系.

Whether you are new to Beijing or just new to our school, our Parents’ Association is instrumental in helping new families settle into life at BSB Shunyi, 给予支持,让你感到安定, 安全的城市, 准备好享受AG8电玩的首都北京.

As part of the Nord Anglia family of international schools, our students also have an immediate network of recent alumni all over the world that they can connect with – to gain support and guidance on their futures. We organise regular fairs where we invite BSB Shunyi alumni to talk about their opportunities and international experiences after they graduated.
With world-class technology integrated to every classroom as well as our friendly school facilities – from our state-of-the-art, air-purified sports dome to our community café – we bring our students’ love of learning to life.
Our beautiful campus located in the expat oasis of Beijing offers an international school experience unlike anywhere else 在中国, from our sprawling sports fields to the skywalk connecting our brick buildings. Each area of our school has been thoughtfully designed to maximise our students’ learning experiences with safe, age-appropriate spaces and the best teaching materials to enable their creativity and academic growth. 

在顺义BSB, AG8电玩提供光滑的, integrated physical and digital experiences in all our classrooms, which are equipped with interactive white boards – working with partners like MIT and Apple to support speedy digital collaborations with resources like 3D printers and iPads. AG8电玩最先进的图书馆和IB中心, 2019年建成, 还设有引人入胜的学习空间, 安静的学习区域, 还有最新的科技.

We make connections not only within our international community of over 60 nationalities, but also beyond – especially using our platform 全球校园, which gives our students unique access to first-rate online resources from 11,全球81所学校的000名优秀教师. 


在顺义BSB, we offer a tailored admissions process, and we’re here to help at every stage.
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在顺义BSB, we offer a truly global experience with outstanding teachers and exceptional learning opportunities. Our students achieve academic excellence and learn all the skills they need to make a difference in the world outside the classroom.